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  • Generic Viagra For Satisfying Sexual Performance

    Viagra has been one of the most successful drugs of all time for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also known as E.D. Now comes news that the drug has a direct effect on melanoma in many cases. Not only could the drug apparently help the human body fight melanoma by boosting the immune system, but Viagra also seems to reduce inflammation. Mice who took Viagra, and who also had melanoma, lived much longer than mice in the study who were not taking the drug.

    It won't work. In the first place, you can't cure old age. The years go by and your eyesight goes, your sense of smell gets worse, your memory fades. Why shouldn't your manly bits lose their vigour? Men can't accept that. They love the idea that you can pop a pill and feel as frisky and wanting as when you were in your 20's. How would they know? How can they see what's happening down there in their groin area when they're peering over mounds of excess flab and unwanted stomach? Having taken their bodies for granted for years, and filled them full of calorie-packed beer and processed meat, they expect it all to keep on functioning perfectly, delivering satisfaction in the bedroom, just like it always did.

    You and your spouse need to communicate with all parts of your bodies; you need to know when she is ready (when her body is on the high and ready to climax). That is the best time to thrust harder, by so doing, she will climax before you and your penis will remain rock solid for the next round.

    There is a relationship between all of these hormones that has been shown to impact penile erection, specifically with HGH levels. In recent studies, it has been shown that in healthy male patients, HGH levels in systemic and cavernous blood increase during the swelling of the penis. In patients with erectile dysfunction there were decreased levels, approximately sevenfold, of growth hormone in the plasmid levels during flaccidity compared to the control group of healthy male patients during flaccidity. It has been proposed that the biological effects of growth hormone in erectile dysfunction may be determined by IGF-1-stimulated nitric oxide formation. It is also noted that when there are physiological concentrations of growth hormone present, there is an elevation of intracellular cGMP, thus suggesting that growth hormone levels may be of major importance in regards to the maintenance of male erectile capability. While all of these factors are decreased in the plasma of erectile dysfunction patients, HGH represents an important player regarding all of the aforementioned molecular factors and the relationships between them in regard to penile erections.

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